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International Caucasus University: Excellence and Distinction in Higher Education

International Caucasus University is one of the leading universities in the Caucasus region. Established with the guidance and support of the government, the university has earned a high reputation due to the quality of its educational programs and its production of skilled graduates.

Overview of the University:

International Caucasus University was founded with the aim of providing an exceptional learning environment and excelling in higher education. It is recognized as an officially accredited government university in the Caucasus region and offers educational programs in various fields, including engineering, business, health sciences, social sciences, technology, and arts.

Studying at International Caucasus University:

International Caucasus University stands out for offering comprehensive and diverse study programs that cater to the needs of students in various disciplines. The university provides opportunities for practical learning, research, and innovation, aiming to develop students’ capabilities and equip them for active participation in the global job market.

University standard:

International Caucasus University maintains a high standard of education and has a qualified and specialized faculty in its various fields. The university offers an advanced learning environment with modern facilities and state-of-the-art technology, enhancing the learning process and contributing to the achievement of students’ goals.

University Advantages:

The university offers diverse and comprehensive study programs in various disciplines and fields. The university houses research centers and specialized laboratories that support scientific research and innovation. The university provides opportunities for training and higher learning.

These advantages make International Caucasus University an ideal choice for students seeking quality education and a supportive academic environment.

The university also fosters collaboration with international universities and organizations, creating opportunities for students to engage in exchange programs and expand their horizons.

Admission Requirements at International Caucasus University:

To apply to International Caucasus University, students are required to submit the following documents:

  1. High school diploma or equivalent, with necessary certifications.
  2. Copy of passport.
  3. Recent passport-sized photograph.
  4. Application form, including personal information and academic background.

Is studying at International Caucasus University accredited?

Yes, International Caucasus University is officially accredited and recognized by the relevant national and international educational bodies. The degrees awarded by the university are widely recognized and respected in the academic and professional spheres. Students can be confident that their education at International Caucasus University is of high quality and holds value both nationally and internationally.

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Prices for Studying in Caucasus International University

Faculty Annual Fees
Medicine 5,500 $
Dentistry 5,000 $
computer 3,500 $
Business Administration 3,500 $

Opinions of applicants Caucasus International University

The university's prices are very good, but excellent. I recommend the university, and thanks to the Royal Group for the help
Maysa Ali
The university is neither difficult nor easy. It is between the two. It is beautiful and the dealings are elegant and orderly
Mohammed Khalid
I recommend it is very beautiful
Amal Al-Najjar
 Caucasus International University

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