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Isik university

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Isik university

Isik University was established in 1996 by the Fayez Schools Association, which is considered one of the oldest educational institutions in Turkey. The university has two campuses in a charming natural environment close to modern city life, on an area of 490,000 square meters, which includes all modern facilities (classrooms, libraries, social and sports facilities, art galleries) and everything that enhances university life for students to become successful in their professional and personal lives.
Students who want to study and master the language before starting their specialization study can enroll in the School of Foreign Languages (SFL) of Isik University, which is accredited by EAQUALS (the world-famous international association and accreditation body for language education institutions), that accreditation indicates the quality of teaching and training course programs as well as the quality Organizing the educational course and the competence of teachers in the School of Foreign Languages of Isik University.

Isik University includes 5 faculties, 2 postgraduate institutes and 2 vocational schools. The university has proven its presence in the scientific and educational arena among Turkish universities strongly in recent times, as it is one of the strongest private universities in Turkey today that attracts a large number of students from different countries around the world annually in various engineering, administrative and technical disciplines.

Objectives of Isik University

The university aims to enlighten society through science, technology, art, engineering and mathematics. The university also works to qualify and train students to face the challenges of life and support the education system in Turkey. In addition to the above, Isik University aims to establish relationships with international universities in order to give its students opportunities to participate in student exchange.

Advantages of studying at Isik University


  • Educational quality, as the university follows international academic quality standards, which include updating and developing educational curricula.
  • Scientific research, as the University of Isik is considered one of the superior universities in the field of academic scientific research.
  • The university adopts English as the primary language of study.
  • Students who want to study and master the language before starting their major studies can enroll in the School of Foreign Languages (SFL) of Isik University, which is accredited by EAQUALS (the world-famous international association and accreditation body for language education institutions).


Isik University is distinguished in the field of academic scientific research, which is represented in the various scientific activities that are conducted to produce real discoveries and knowledge that meet the needs of society at the present time by taking advantage of the latest technologies and achieving scientific results.

The university follows the scientific approach based on exchanging discoveries, proofs, extracts and technical results with others by publishing them in journals and presenting them in scientific conferences. Since the university’s founding, the faculty has embraced a tradition of scholarly publishing as a standard for a successful academic life. The goal behind all the scientific research conducted at Isik University was and still is to achieve results that benefit society and humanity.

Student activities

Isik University provides its students with a unique experience of academic life on a global campus with all its specifications. In addition to high-quality academic education, Isik University provides students with opportunities to participate in water sports, trekking, climbing and cycling. The university owns a number of sports centers, cafeterias, markets, and restaurants. The campus also provides students with a rich leisure and cultural life that includes concerts, festivals, exhibitions, competitions, seminars and cultural activities in art galleries open to all.

Picture of Isik university


Campus of Isik University

One of the roads is Isik University
One of the university's photos from the inside
one of the gathering points
One of the sections of the educational library
One of the classrooms
One of the buildings of Isik University
The Olympic swimming pool inside the university
American Football Club
One of the buildings of Isik University
Technical work at Isik University

Prices for Studying in Isik university

Department Faculty Annual Fees
Engineering Civil 4,500 $ 
Engineering COMPUTER  4,800 $ 
Engineering SOFTWARE 4,800 $ 
Engineering INDUSTRIAL 4,500 $ 
Engineering Mechanical 4,500 $ 
Engineering BIOMEDICAL 4,800 $ 
Engineering ARCHITECTURE 3,600 $ 
Business Administration  INFORMATION SYSTEMS 3,600 $ 
Business Administration BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 3,600 $ 
Business Administration LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT 3,600 $ 
Business Administration ECONOMICS 3,600 $ 

Opinions of applicants Isik university

A beautiful and advanced university that I recommend
Alaa Ahmed
My opinion about the university in a simple way is that it has a future and is really developed. I also liked the treatment of the doctors and getting to know the Turkish students
Mohammed Khalid
I recommend it is very beautiful
Dina Khaled
Medical equipment engineering
Isik university

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