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Istanbul Medipol university

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Istanbul Medipol university

Istanbul Medipol University (Medapol) is a private university established in 2009 in the city of Istanbul. As a global, contemporary, qualified, free, productive and developed university, Istanbul Medipol University aims to provide new opportunities for young people. Istanbul Medipol University continues its educational activities on the campuses of the Golden Horn and Kavasik Universities. In addition, student internships and internships continue at Medipol University Hospital.

Why Istanbul Medipol University?

The university is distinguished by its campuses, which are distributed in sensitive areas of Istanbul. The Golden Horn campus is located on the edge of the Golden Horn and the Onkapani Bridge where the Onkapani Bridge meets the land in the peninsula, the oldest part of Istanbul, surrounded by the historical Byzantine walls. In this area, Zeugma was located, which It was at the center of commercial life in the Ottoman period and was used until the nineteenth century. Today, there is an educational institution in the historical structure of this region, which bears the traces of the Byzantines and is in the heart of the commercial life of the Ottoman Empire, which was built in modern style as a sign of the Republic and served to TEKEL with its various functions. The facility, which had been reformed in a short time by preserving its original character and architectural unity by the constituent institution, was evaluated to meet the needs of the university. At the edge of the Golden Horn, in the region that bears traces of the past in the historical fabric of Istanbul, contemporary science and education are produced. Kavacık Campus is located at the exit of the Fatih Mehmet Sultan Bridge at the meeting point of the European continent and Asia. It hosts classrooms, dormitories, sports fields and research laboratories.

Unlimited internet service provided by the university in all areas of the campus and in university housing, smart platform, smart board, information screens, and face recognition systems at the service of students and academics 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

-Medipol Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry in the largest simulation laboratory in Turkey, was established in order for dental students and in order for students to obtain the manual skills and clinical competencies required during training. Here, students practice different dental treatments on prepared models. There are a total of 140 models in the simulation lab. Students can view the demonstrations made by the instructors live through the screens in their units. In the center, artificial patients are trained on the dental chair. Thus, the students are trained to work practically.

Advantages of studying at Medipol University


  • The university provides an international educational environment for all students, using all modern technological means to serve students and reach the highest level of training and academic education
  • Provide real specialized knowledge in various fields
    It provides many scientific laboratories that provide students and academics with multiple opportunities for scientific research, and these laboratories are equipped with advanced technology and high-tech infrastructure.
  • It contains a large library that contributes to the development of education and educating students in various disciplines, in addition to its role in supporting scientific research activities
  • It includes a number of counseling centers that work to guide students and provide them with personal and psychological counseling by qualified and equipped psychological experts to support students psychologically and socially.
  • It includes an important center for applied and health research with the latest equipment
  • It organizes many cultural activities, including concerts, photography competitions and other parties in the various student clubs
  • The university is an important center for holding various sports tournaments
  • It has a large hall to provide students with a variety of meals from the university’s kitchen in a healthy atmosphere
  • E-learning programs are intended to provide education without barriers for all, as the university has a distance education center, which works to coordinate and prepare certificate and diploma programs using various technological training tools in giving distance education courses by specialists


Istanbul Medipol University in numbers:

Local ranking: 111

International ranking: 6443

Number of students: 15,000 students

Number of colleges: 11 colleges

Local and international credits:

In addition to the accreditation of the Turkish Ministry of Education and the Turkish Accreditation Authority today, the university enjoys many agreements with international and local universities with the aim of exchanging students.

Mission and vision:

The university aims to graduate graduates who are able to withstand work pressures, and keep pace with continuous development and modernization in the era of technology and speed.

Practical training for Medipol University students

  1. Istanbul Medipol University Hospitals Complex: The Medipol Hospitals Complex is one of the largest health projects in Turkey, as it includes many people and medical specialties as well as giving students great opportunities for practical and professional training within it. It is one of the links of the Medipol Group for Education and Health and is an advanced research center health applied. It has played an important role in the health sector for more than 20 years as it includes:
  • Intensive care units
  • 6 operating rooms equipped with advanced technology
  • Equipped emergency room
  • Genetics Centre
  • A heart operations center
  1. Medipol Dental Hospital: It is one of the largest hospitals in the region and one of the leading health and applied research centers in Turkey. It also gives opportunities for training at the highest level to Medipol University students studying dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery, students of traditional dental treatment, orthodontics and pediatric dentistry. Students can also watch educational presentations by professors and doctors through modern LCD screens.
  2. Preparation laboratories in the Department of Nutrition and Food Science: Through these laboratories, students have the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge and materials in the Department of Nutrition and Food Science, where students acquire healthy cooking skills and the secrets of a healthy diet.


Picture of Istanbul Medipol university


Campus of Istanbul Medipol University

One of the buildings of Istanbul Medipol University
One of the gathering points at Istanbul Medipol University
One of the computer halls at Istanbul Medipol University
One of the laboratories of the Faculty of Dentistry, Istanbul Medipol University
One of the student halls of Istanbul Medipol University
One of the sections of the educational library
One of the factors of training in human medicine
One of the laboratories of Istanbul Medipol University
One of the sections of the educational library
One of the graduate students of Istanbul Medipol University

Prices for Studying in Istanbul Medipol university

Department Faculty Degree  Annual Fees 
Engineering Civil Bachelor 4,500 $ 
Engineering COMPUTER  Bachelor 4,500 $ 
Engineering INDUSTRIAL Bachelor 4,500 $ 
Engineering ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC Bachelor 4,500 $ 
Engineering BIOMEDICAL Bachelor 5,670 $ 
Engineering ARCHITECTURE Bachelor 4,500 $ 
Engineering  INFORMATION SYSTEMS Bachelor 3,960 $ 
Engineering BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Bachelor 3,960 $ 
Engineering POLITICAL SCIENCE Bachelor 3,800 $ 
Engineering ECONOMICS and Finance Bachelor 3,960 $ 
Engineering LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT Bachelor 3,960 $ 

Opinions of applicants Istanbul Medipol university

A beautiful and advanced university that I recommend
Alaa Ahmed
My opinion about the university in a simple way is that it has a future and is really developed. I also liked the treatment of the doctors and getting to know the Turkish students
Mohammed Khalid
I recommend it
Dina Khaled
Medical equipment engineering
Istanbul Medipol university

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