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Near East University

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About Near East University

The Near East University was established in 1988 in Nicosia, the capital of Northern Cyprus. It employs a highly qualified team and is an educational institution with international distinctions. It provides highly qualified educational opportunities to its students in different educational stages.

The Near East University is a central educational village in the center of North Cyprus, which was at the forefront of building the first faculties in Cyprus.
Since its foundation, Near East University aims to educate people with high ambition and dedication to work, and has made tremendous and remarkable progress to become one of the top educational institutions and cultural centers in Cyprus.


Why Near East University?

  • The Faculty of Medicine is the only medical school in Turkish Cyprus
  • The first and only dental college in Turkish Cyprus
  • Dental colleges were the first JCI-licensed dental clinics in the world
  • The College of Pharmacy is the first and only college in Turkish Cyprus
  • The supercomputer is considered one of the first advanced and high-energy computers in the world and has the ability to supply international academic studies and research departments worldwide, which includes the CERN project.
  • The Big Library is considered one of the largest and most branched libraries in the eastern Mediterranean region, with more than one million printed volumes and 155 million electronic resources, as it organized many global and international conferences. The Near East University Hospital is considered one of the most advanced educational research centers in the eastern Mediterranean region.


University awards

  • The European Award for Best Practices for the year 2013, which was awarded to the Near East University Hospital in Vienna, the capital of Austria
  • The “Majestic Five” continental award for excellence and quality.
  • Near East University Hospital was awarded the Quality Award of the American Health Conference.
    International Business Excellence Award given to the Near East University in Dubai.
  • In 2013 “Golden Prestige” Award for Quality and Business to Near East University Hospital.
    The International Arch of the Golden Quality Award 2013 was awarded to the Near East University Hospital for its eye-catching quality and expertise.
  • The Near East University Hospital Success Award was successfully obtained in Switzerland.

Near East University in numbers:

  • Local ranking: 1
  • International ranking: 1822
  • Number of students: 28,000
  • Faculties: 20
  • Majors: 220
  • Institutes: 4
  • Research programs: 28

Local and international recognition

Near East University is a member of many international educational institutions

  • Membership of the Federation of Universities of the Islamic WorldFUIW -Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World
  • Membership of the European Universities FoundationEUA – European University Association
  • Membership of the World Association of Universities
  • IAU – International Association of Universities

It also enjoys many international recognitions, including:

  • ASIIN – Accreditation Agency for Degree Programs in Engineering,
    Informatics, the Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation)
  • FIP – International Pharmaceutical Federation
  • ACPE – Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education
  • EDEXCEL – Educational Excellence
  • JCI – Joint Commission International
  • ICOGRADA – International Council of Graphic Design Associations
  • ICA – International Communication Association
  • EUPRERA – European Public Relations Education and Research Association

Mission and vision

Near East University possesses a vision to be an institution of higher education in accordance with the general goals and basic principles of the Turkish national educational system, the requirements, principles and system of national higher education, and comprehensive international values that address global expectations in higher education. The Near East University also arranges scientific and academic studies with the aim of making scientific studies and educational quality reach a well-qualified level and works to develop social, cultural and academic relations between the international community and Turkish society in accordance with the principles of the principles of contemporary civilization.

Picture of Near East University


One of the lecture halls at the university

جامعة الشرق الأدنىجامعة الشرق الأدنى
Faculty of Dentistry
The main university library contains four floors
University Lake between the faculties of engineering and the main hospital, the College of Veterinary Medicine
University Auto Museum
One of the lectures in medicine
One of the studios inside the university
The Olympic swimming pool inside the university
University Hospital from the inside
One of the studios inside the university
A student graduation party

Prices for Studying in Near East University

Department Faculty Annual Fees Discounted fees
Engineering Civil 3,200 Euro  
Engineering COMPUTER  3,200 Euro  
Engineering SOFTWARE 3,200 Euro  
Engineering ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 3,200 Euro  
Engineering Mechanical 3,200 Euro  
Engineering PETROLEUM &NATURAL GAS  5,600 Euro 4,200 Euro
Engineering BIOMEDICAL 3,200 Euro  
Engineering ARCHITECTURE 3,200 Euro  
Business Administration COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS 3,200 Euro  
Business Administration BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 3,200 Euro  
Business Administration Banking and Finance 3,200 Euro  
Business Administration ECONOMICS 3,200 Euro  
Business Administration Marketing 3,200 Euro  
Pharmacy  Pharmacy 8,600 Euro 4,300 Euro
Medicine Medicine 13,600 Euro  
Dentistry Dentistry 11,600 Euro  

Opinions of applicants Near East University

A beautiful and advanced university , I recommend
Alaa Ahmed
Mechanics engineering
My opinion about the university in a simple way is that it has a future and is really developed. I also liked the treatment of the doctors and getting to know the Turkish students
Mohammed Abdul Qader
It is considered a city and not a very big university. I found many things that I liked about the university, the design of the department is fluid, and the study is moderately difficult
Sarah Haddad
Medical equipment engineering
Near East University

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