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OSTIM Teknik university

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OSTIM Teknik university

Ostim Technical University is located in a privileged area in the Turkish capital, Ankara, in the heart of the business, industry, and public sector world. Where the university is surrounded by thousands of important industrial and commercial companies, with which the university holds many partnerships, offering a practical and applied training model that enables students to live the experience of practical life during the years of study at the university.

Ostim Technical University, which is one of the best Turkish universities, includes about three colleges, headed by the College of Engineering, along with the College of Architecture and Design and the College of Economic and Administrative Sciences. The university also includes a group of vocational schools in various disciplines such as: mechanics, digital media, marketing and information security. In addition to scientific research and training centers, and a center for incubating small youth projects, in the belief of the university that a small idea can change the world if it grows under the appropriate conditions, as the university works to encourage its students to take the first step to reach their goals and realize the ideas of their projects on the ground through incubation center The university is also keen to build bridges of communication between business sector experts and students through seminars and lectures that it holds in the presence of experienced and successful people in various fields.

The first industrial university in Türkiye

Ostim Technical University is the first industrial university in Turkey, as the Ostim region, in which the university is located, is one of the leading industrial regions in Turkey, as it is an international business center with more than 6,200 companies and about 60,000 employees in 17 sectors and 139 business lines. It also forges strong partnerships with the business sector, industry and society within the industrial zone in which it is located, and provides each student within it with practical training opportunities in the industrial sectors inside and outside the university, with the aim of each student obtaining the experience and practical training necessary for professional life and the labor market.

Ustim Technical University provides a higher education model based on education, research, innovation, entrepreneurship, social benefit and development. Where it adopts an education system based on application and experience, theoretical knowledge is built with a comprehensive practical approach. Ostim University also provides various technologies and elements of scientific research in the modern manufacturing area and the laboratories equipped within the university.

Advantages of studying at Ostim Technical University

  • It is considered one of the third generation universities, which efficiently combine academic study, scientific research and practical training.
  • English is the primary language of study.
  • It is distinguished by the modernity of its external and internal designs, which are represented in the technical university campus, laboratories, laboratories, and modern classrooms.
  • It seeks to provide educational, research and applied infrastructure and facilities in accordance with international standards, especially in the areas of design and training with the latest manufacturing systems and innovative technologies.
  • It equips its students with the knowledge and skills required to compete strongly in the business world, so it is keen to graduate students who have the values of self-confidence, self-development, innovation, high cultural awareness and various human values.
  • It seeks to play an active role in increasing the efficiency of science and technology development in Türkiye
  • It gives priority to providing its students with professional competence in education and training inside and outside the university
  • It supports the development and production of knowledge at the university through projects and research as a basis for the research and publishing philosophy at the university, and is also keen to provide the possibilities of applying the information produced on the ground.
  • In the field of design and advanced manufacturing systems technologies, the university provides its students with the highest level of international education, research, infrastructure and applications
  • The university is keen on providing its students with experience in managing projects and participating in them through active participation in national projects
  • It creates a lot of external and internal training opportunities for students during their studies at the university


What a student gets at Ostim Technical University

Starting from the first year of study, the study method will be practical training in the largest Turkish factories while studying on a weekly basis

• During the summer vacation, the student will get practical training and part-time work in one of the university’s affiliated companies

• Starting from the fourth year, the student will receive training in (initiatives to create a business – project management – innovation and investment opportunities creation)

• The student will get the opportunity to work after graduation in one of the companies affiliated with the university

• The student will have the opportunity to support and implement his own project in cooperation with Ostim Investment

• The student will have the opportunity to join student exchange programs at a European university

• The possibility of the student graduating and obtaining a double major

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One of the lecture halls
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One of the lecture halls
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One of the classrooms
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One of the corridors inside the university
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Prices for Studying in OSTIM Teknik university

Department Faculty Degree  Annual Fees 
Engineering Nanotechnology Bachelor 2,500 $ 
Engineering COMPUTER  Bachelor 2,500 $ 
Engineering SOFTWARE Bachelor 2,500 $ 
Engineering Mechanical Bachelor 2,500 $ 
Engineering ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC Bachelor 2,500 $ 
Business Administration  INFORMATION SYSTEMS Bachelor 2,500 $ 
Business Administration BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Bachelor 2,500 $ 
Business Administration International trade & finance Bachelor 2,500 $ 
Business Administration ECONOMICS Bachelor 2,500 $ 
Business Administration Marketing Bachelor 2,500 $ 

Opinions of applicants OSTIM Teknik university

A university that facilitates students with all their needs. It is recognized in most countries with strong recognition. I recommend enrolling in it
Alaa Ahmed
My opinion about the university in a simple way is that it has a future and is really developed. I also liked the treatment of the doctors and getting to know the Turkish students
Mohammed Khalid
I recommend it
Dina Khaled
Medical equipment engineering
OSTIM Teknik university

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