Who is the academic advisor?

Who is the academic advisor?

Who is the academic advisor?

Who is the academic advisor? And why should you use it?

When you start your journey at the university or in the college in which you will study, you may hear of what is called an academic advisor, or as it is called in English as Advisor. This person plays an important role at this stage..and you should visit him. Who is an academic advisor and how can one benefit from an academic advisor?

The academic advisor is:

That professional person who is trained to direct the necessary support to students at the university level, whether you are studying a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree, to achieve their goals.

The academic advisor undertakes the following activities:

  • Introducing the student to the requirements of subjects and the study plan in the various colleges and how to register therein
  • Monitoring the student’s academic performance and keeping a complete record of it in order to guide him towards the next step in his educational career
  • Familiarizing the student with the university’s policy and regulations with regard to registration in courses, withdrawal of courses, change of specialization, graduation requirements, and so on
  • Provide assistance with study questions and how can obstacles be overcome at this stage?
    Introducing the student to the scholarship systems at the university and answering all his questions

When you enter or enter a semester at the university, you have to see the schedule of subjects yourself, choose the subjects and arrange them according to the daily lectures per week, and be careful not to be one of the subjects that you have chosen. (Clash) After arranging the materials that you have to take, and most likely the academic advisor will give you a plan of materials for each semester in the year separately, you will have to speak to the academic advisor to register the materials that you have chosen.

The academic advisor is very important for the student, as the academic advisor must support him with the necessary advice and guidance and follow up on the progress of his academic achievement, in addition to educating him about the services and academic support provided by the college to help him improve his academic level.

In addition, the academic advisor helps students advance their level, regardless of their mental and scientific abilities, by providing advice on how to organize and utilize their time, sharing information, experiences and insights, in addition to following up on their grades, and nominating outstanding students for various scholarships.

Finally, the academic advisor is the guide and facilitator for you in your educational journey so that you achieve the best results in the specified time without delay. You have a promising future ahead of you, God willing.. We wish you success.

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