Our Services

Reception from the airport and transfer

The Royal Group team receives the student from the airport and provides him with transportation as well as all connections to the university to complete the final registration procedures.

Student residence

The specialized and expert Legal Affairs Department is keen to provide all assistance and guidance in obtaining residency for students and organizing all files

Local calling card

Upon receiving the student from the airport, we give a SIM card to communicate with whom he loves via the network or the Internet

High school diploma equivalency

After the submitted student uploads the secondary certificate, we will equalize the certificate for registration within the university

Health insurance

We direct the student to the steps to obtain medical insurance and assist him in all procedures

Issuing university admissions for free

The student must send a copy of the documents and registration, and we will extract the admission for him for free!

Housing insurance for students

After the student enters the country of study, we provide him with housing inside or outside the university, where it was male or female housing

University degree equivalency

For undergraduate students, when they transfer to another university, we equate the maximum possible number of subjects and enroll in the university with the largest number of subjects.

Create bank accounts for students

We direct the student to obtain a student bank card and assist him in all procedures and directions

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