Open Day Near East University

جامعة الشرق الأدنى

Open Day at Near East University, Exploring Wonderful Education Opportunities: The Near East University is one of the most prominent universities in the region, offering an exciting learning environment and excellent opportunities for students to discover their potential and achieve their academic ambitions. The Near East University organizes an annual open day, which aims to […]


Psychiatry is a medical specialty that focuses on diagnosing and treating mental disorders, as well as preventing them. Psychiatrists are specialized doctors in mental health who are trained to evaluate, diagnose, and treat various mental illnesses. Here are some key points about psychiatry: Mental Health Diagnosis: Psychiatrists are trained to assess and diagnose mental health […]

Studying the specialty of psychology

Understanding Psychology: A Solid Foundation for Understanding Human Behavior and Mental Processes Specializing in psychology can provide a solid foundation for understanding human behavior, mental processes, and the factors that influence them. Here are some key aspects of studying psychology as a discipline: Understanding Human Behavior: Psychology explores various aspects of human behavior, including cognitive […]

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