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European University (Georgia)

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European University in Georgia: Leading Higher Education Institution

The European University in Georgia is one of the prominent educational institutions in the country, known for providing excellent educational programs in various fields. Established with the goal of delivering high-quality education, the university aims to develop students’ academic and professional capabilities.

Overview of the University:

The European University in Georgia was founded in 2005 and opened its doors to students. It is recognized as a pioneering educational institution that offers diverse educational programs in fields such as engineering, business, health sciences, technology, arts, and social sciences.

Studying at the European University:

The European University in Georgia stands out for providing an advanced learning environment and modern teaching methodologies. The university focuses on developing students’ skills and providing opportunities for practical learning and interaction with industries and the community.

University standards :

The European University enjoys a strong reputation and prestigious academic standards in Georgia and internationally. The university follows high educational standards and employs modern curricula to ensure the development of knowledge and skills required for students’ success in their chosen fields.

University Advantages:

The university offers diverse study programs in various disciplines, allowing students to choose according to their interests and talents. The university has a distinguished faculty composed of professors and professionals with extensive experience in their fields. The university provides a modern learning environment with advanced facilities that enhance the learning process and students’ experience.

Admission Requirements at the University:

To enroll at the European University, students are required to meet the following conditions:

High school diploma or equivalent. Copy of passport. Copy of health certificate. Recent passport-sized photograph.

Subjects Taught in the Foundation Year:

The subjects taught in the foundation year at the European University in Georgia include:

Mathematics. English language. Chemistry. Physics. Core subjects in the chosen major.

Documents Required for Enrollment:

The required documents for enrollment at the university are:

Certified copy of the high school diploma or its equivalent. Copy of passport. Recent passport-sized photograph. Health certificate.

Is studying at the university accredited?

Yes, the European University in Georgia is officially accredited and internationally recognized. The university adheres to global higher education standards and meets the required academic criteria. Graduates from the university can pursue outstanding educational and career opportunities.

In summary, the European University in Georgia provides an excellent learning environment and maintains high educational standards. The university is renowned for its diverse programs and modern teaching methodologies. It offers exceptional study opportunities for ambitious students who aspire to build their future.

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A picture from inside the university
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Prices for Studying in European University (Georgia)

Faculty Annual Fees
Medicine 5,500 $
Dentistry 4,500 $

Opinions of applicants European University (Georgia)

A beautiful and advanced university that I recommend
Alaa Ahmed
The university is neither difficult nor easy. It is between the two. It is beautiful and the dealings are elegant and orderly
Shaima Khaled
I recommend it
Dina Khaled
European University (Georgia)

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