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About Istanbul Gelişim University

Istanbul Gelişim University was established by the Gelişim Foundation for Education, Culture, Health and Social Services under the name of Gelişim Vocational School after the decision of the Ministry of National Education. Istanbul Gelişim University is located in Istanbul on the European side of it, specifically in the Avcilar region near Ataturk Airport. The institution set out to establish the university on the 17th of July 2011 and now it has three faculties, three postgraduate institutes, and five schools to study different disciplines over a period of two years, in addition to a school for teaching foreign languages. Gelişim University has taken its distinguished position among the best private universities in Turkey, as Istanbul Gelişim University is distinguished by its continuous progress in all fields, as it is always looking for modern methods of teaching and applying them with complete professionalism.

Why Istanbul Gelişim University?

The university offers a huge research complex consisting of more than 100 laboratories to serve its students. There are also 17 research centers and 78 student clubs that allow students to participate in social, cultural, scientific and sporting activities outside the classroom. Within the rapidly growing and evolving dynamic structure of our university, our collaboration with our external stakeholders makes us happy.

Adopting a policy of “development” in all areas required in Turkey and the world, IGU graduated 27 thousand and 708 students who were trained in the qualifications of a leader in accordance with its accreditation principles and procedures until today.

In the campus area located in Istanbul – Turkey, the center of trade and the financial world, Istanbul Gelişim University offers a huge research complex consisting of more than 100 laboratories to serve its students. There are also 17 research centers and 78 student clubs that enable students to participate in social, cultural, scientific and sporting activities outside the classroom.

Gelişim University in numbers:

Local ranking: 153

International ranking: 11397

Number of students: 17,261 students

Colleges: 3 colleges

Local and international credits:

The university contains approximately 57 programs of Istanbul Gelesim University, which cooperates with leading organizations in their fields to achieve global success and attaches great importance to internationalization, detailed by international delegations commissioned by German, British and American accreditation organizations such as AQAS, AHPGS, ABET and PEARSON and accredited. Istanbul Gelesim University has succeeded in becoming a Turkish university with the most accredited programs in attracting the world’s attention with the steps taken to become international.

Mission and vision:

Vision :

To be one of the global universities that produce value for continuous improvement

The mission :

To be an enterprise that aims to add value to the city, society and humanity, taking education, research and community service activities as its main mission; A place where people-owners who use resources effectively and responsibly deserve to meet a world that is good, just and sustainable; Believing in the ethics and freedom of science in its activities without any conditions, with the prevailing culture of internal quality and tolerance, and with an ever-growing space in a physical, digital, social, cultural and psychological way.

University policy

  • Providing educational services in accordance with national and international quality standards
  • Effective service provision to the community at all levels
  • Implement continuous development activities in all areas
  • Environmental awareness and resource consumption rationalization
  • Improving students’ achievement of academic subjects through education through training and practice in laboratories and workshops

Advantages of studying at Istanbul Gelişim University

  • As a result of the university’s commitment to providing advanced curricula and using modern methods of teaching, the university has obtained accreditation from many German, British and American accreditation organizations such as: AQAS, AHPGS, ABET and PEARSON.
  • The university cooperates with more than 100 international universities; It works to exchange cadres and experiences with it to reach the global level in teaching and training
  • The university encourages students to gain practical experience through educational and training opportunities in many sectors in which students are trained
  • The university uses English as the primary language of study
  • The university provides students with an opportunity to explore different ways of learning, through modern technology laboratories that work towards transforming theoretical knowledge into applied practice in all disciplines.
  • The university provides students with the opportunity to improve their sports skills through basketball, volleyball and other courses organized by expert coaches

Laboratories and workshops at Istanbul Gelişim University

There are approximately 117 laboratories and workshops available to undergraduate and postgraduate students, including the following:


  • Painting workshop
  • Child Development Drama Workshop
  • Sewing workshop
  • Textile workshop
  • Photography and video workshop
  • Culinary art workshop
  • Editing workshop
  • Advertising workshop
  • Aircraft systems workshop
  • Aircraft engine workshop
  • Aircraft electronics workshop


  • Oral and dental health laboratory
  • Anesthesia Techniques Laboratory
  • Anatomy lab
  • Nutrition and food science laboratory
  • Computer lab
  • Occupational Therapy Laboratory
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering Laboratory
  • Nursing lab
  • Civil engineering laboratory
  • Aircraft Systems Laboratory
  • Structural Aircraft / Mechanics Laboratory

Career Development Centre

The center is concerned with providing students with the necessary knowledge and skills about practical life and its requirements. Perhaps the main objective of the Center is to improve the career planning and development competencies of Istanbul Gelişim University students, alumni and staff. Supporting them to be self-aware people who know their strengths and weaknesses, have clear goals for career development and make planned efforts to further enhance their strengths and overcome their weaknesses to achieve their goals. The center also encourages students to follow developments in the field of work at the global and local levels, to study their potential fields of work, and to explore how they can add value to the labor market.

As for the center’s activities, the center manages, coordinates and supports educational activities such as: courses, certificate programs, vocational training and publishing activities for students, graduates and academics, to develop career planning, job search skills, professional experience and self-awareness.

Sports and entertainment facilities

  • Sports facilities: These include basketball and volleyball courts, tennis courts, and a gym and fitness hall. Students are also provided with sports skills through the organization of good physical fitness programmes
  • There are 5 separate meeting and conference rooms with a capacity of 1,000 people and 4 arenas of more than 3,000 square meters dedicated to parties, sporting events and festivals.
  • There is a large library that includes databases, scientific resources, and visual and electronic research
  • There are a number of cafeterias and restaurants. Next to a healthy cafe, supervised by students of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports

Student clubs

Istanbul Gelişim University has 78 student clubs, which enable them to participate in social, cultural, scientific and sports activities. Student clubs also help students to:

  • Developing their social, cultural, artistic and personal interests, as well as developing their organizational skills, communication skills and teamwork through the activities organized within the clubs.
  • Gain planning skills to implement ideas
  • Develop problem-solving skills
  • Talent discovery

Picture of Gelisim university


One of the buildings of Gelişim University

One of the corridors of the university
one of the gathering points
One of the concerts of Gelişim University
A scientific laboratory
Inside one of the university buildings
One of the classrooms
One of the entrances to Gelişim University
Inside one of the university buildings
One of the gathering points of The restaurants

Prices for Studying in Gelisim university

Department Faculty Degree  Annual Fees 
Engineering Civil Bachelor 4,000 $ 
Engineering AERONAUTICAL Bachelor 5,250 $ 
Engineering ARCHITECTURE Bachelor 4,000 $ 
Business Administration International trade & finance Bachelor 4,000 $ 
Business Administration BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Bachelor 4,000 $ 
Business Administration International relations & political science Bachelor 4,000 $ 
Business Administration Aviation management Bachelor 4,000 $ 
Business Administration LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT Bachelor 3,750 $ 
NURSING NURSING Bachelor 4,000 $ 
English Interpretation Bachelor 4,000 $ 
English English Litrature Bachelor 4,000 $ 

Opinions of applicants Gelisim university

A university that facilitates students with all their needs. It is recognized in most countries with strong recognition. I recommend enrolling in it
Alaa Ahmed
My opinion about the university in a simple way is that it has a future and is really developed. I also liked the treatment of the doctors and getting to know the Turkish students
Mohammed Abdul Qader
I recommend it
Sarah Haddad
Medical equipment engineering
Gelisim university

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