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Istanbul Shahir University:

Istanbul Sehir University was founded in 2008 in Istanbul by the Endowment for Science and Arts, which was headed by Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu at the time, and which is famous for providing free seminars and seminars as well as academic activities at the local and international levels in the field of social sciences during a march of up to More than 25 years.

The university acquired a “public identity” on May 31, 2008 and began operating at the Liaison Office in Tophane on June 1, 2008. In the process, and under the leadership of the “Researchers and Developers Group”, which brings together a strong, young and dynamic academic community, the unique values that the university will shape are discussed. Regarding the production and exchange of qualified information and the main problems you may encounter.

Based on the importance of intellectual negotiation and intellectual exchange, in-depth interviews were conducted with competent and strong names in order to build the university model that fits the needs of the society and academic circles in which it was born.

The writing of the “Strategic Plan for Istanbul Sehir University” has been completed. In addition to all this, the university has started to conduct architectural studies on “Istanbul Sehir Dragos University Campus” since May 2009.

Why is Istanbul University famous?

  • The university seeks to make continuous efforts to raise global, national and professional questions and ideas, reproduce them, disseminate and apply them in a free and tolerant work, research and discussion environment. To contribute talented scholars and thinkers to this effort…”
  •  The Science and Arts Foundation was established in 1986, and has carried out hundreds of activities and reached out to thousands of men of science, culture and art over its 30-year history. On the one hand, the contemporary international community to understand the main dynamics, on the other hand, Turkey’s historical roots to find and staff to contribute to building a healthy future on the roots of science and arts institution, convey all the knowledge that you have to ensure that Istanbul City University.
  • Istanbul expressionehir university is an expression of an attempt to deepen the pursuit of the institution of sciences and arts through a new institutionalization. The aim is to enrich and distribute the distilled revenues in the institution on a wider scale, and to open scientific opportunities and new opportunities by institutionalizing the university while the institution continues its march in the direction of its logic and principles. Darülfünunu from religious schools in Turkey, but the idea from there to university / college education today is not perfect, represents find more purposeful form adopted as a mission in Turkey.


  • It seeks to reach the summit in the field of academic education at all levels.
  • It aims to be the best university in exchanging knowledge, experiences and competencies and conducting scientific research that benefits the community.
  • Assistance in solving the problems of society and individuals.
  • Availability of an employment center that provides professional advisory services and qualifies students for practical life by organizing courses and workshops.
  • Establishing serious discussions and dialogues with students about the needs of the labor market with those with experience and competence that qualify them for practical training opportunities during the years of study and job opportunities after their graduation.
  • It is interested in using information technology on a large scale, which provides students with the ability to obtain the information they need at any time.
  • It gives students the opportunity to spend an academic year abroad through international student exchange programs with various European universities.

Istanbul University is famous in numbers:

  • Local ranking: 74
  • International ranking: 4286
  • Number of students: 7299 students
  • Number of colleges: 7 colleges

Mission and vision:

To reach international fame in the field of research and education, to be one of the most prestigious universities in Turkey in the region, and

Our mission is to search, understand and share. Search for goodness, truth and beauty. Understand people, society and nature. We want to share the information that is the product of this research and understanding with all mankind.


Istanbul Sehir University Campus

The university has a green campus called Dragus Campus located in the Kartal region specifically on the Asian side of Istanbul and overlooking the coast of the Sea of Marmara. Access to the university is very easy by means of the metrobus and the metro that passes next to the main campus of the famous Istanbul University, and the area of its campus is equal to the area 40 football fields.

The university contains university housing that can accommodate 1260 male and female students. The buildings of the seven colleges in the university are distinguished by their interconnectedness and adjacent to each other to facilitate the movement of students during the study, in addition to bicycles to facilitate movement within them, as well as classrooms, laboratories, workshops, sports centers, research centers, and advanced and equipped laboratories. With the latest technology, the university’s electronic library is the largest in Turkey, as well as a huge paper library built on an area of two buildings and two floors.

Picture of Istanbul sehir


The campus of Istanbul University is famous

One of the pictures of the university buildings from the outside
One of the university's photos from the inside
One of the famous Istanbul University student halls
One of the sections of the educational library
One of the sections of the sports club
One of the famous Istanbul University buildings
one of the gathering points
A picture of the university campus from the inside
One of the famous Istanbul University buildings
A photo of the graduate students

Prices for Studying in Istanbul sehir

Faculty Tuition fees
Architecture USD 6000 per Year
Cinema and Television USD 6000 per Year
Civil Engineering USD 6000 per Year
Computer Science and Engineering USD 6000 per Year
Economics USD 6000 per Year
Electrical and Electronics Engineering USD 6000 per Year
English Language and Literature USD 6000 per Year
History USD 6000 per Year
Industrial Design USD 6000 per Year
Industrial Engineering USD 6000 per Year
International Finance USD 6000 per Year
International Trade and Management USD 6000 per Year
Management USD 6000 per Year
Mechanical Engineering USD 6000 per Year
Philosophy USD 6000 per Year
Political Science and International USD 4500 per Year
Relations USD 6000 per Year
Psychology USD 6000 per Year
Sociology USD 4500 per Year

Opinions of applicants Istanbul sehir

A beautiful and advanced university that I recommend
Alaa Ahmed
My opinion about the university in a simple way is that it has a future and is really developed. I also liked the treatment of the doctors and getting to know the Turkish students
Mohammed Khalid
I recommend it
Dina Khaled
Medical equipment engineering
Istanbul sehir

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