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Istanbul Ticaret university

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Istanbul Ticaret university

Istanbul Business University is one of the best private universities in Turkey and was founded in 2001 by the Chamber of Commerce Education and Social Services Foundation. The university is located in Sütlüce and Küçükyalı, one of the best neighborhoods of Istanbul. Istanbul Commercial University has developed at the academic level and increased its expertise as a result of the support it received from the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.

The university has more than one campus. The Üsküdar campus is home to the Preparatory English Department and 11 bachelor’s degree programs. It also houses the Continuing Education Center, Career Planning Unit, Self-Development and Psychological Counseling Unit, Erasmus Coordination Office, Radio and TV Studio and other studios.

About the academic and research life of Istanbul Commercial University

The university includes 6 faculties (engineering, architecture and design, law, social and human sciences, communication, business administration) in addition to 4 postgraduate institutes that include various master’s and doctoral programs.

In addition to owning a number of research and application centers equipped with all the necessary equipment to conduct research and applied experiments. In addition to the university’s success in concluding cooperation agreements with other universities and educational institutions within the framework of the Erasmus program to open international opportunities for cultural and educational exchange for students throughout their studies at the university.

University vision

The university aims to be an active member in organizing international scientific activities and events, and to maintain its position as one of the leading educational institutions in Turkey and at the international level. It also aims to complete its various modern studies necessary for the generation of technology and information while maintaining its flexibility in developing academic programs.

University mission

Istanbul Business University is working to become one of the most developed universities by following global values and applying innovative teaching methods, and then having the ability to meet the needs of changing countries.

Activities and possibilities of the Istanbul Commercial University campus

The university attaches great importance to student and cultural activities, as it organizes scientific and literary seminars. It also encourages artistically gifted students to train through theatrical rehearsals and display their artistic works on the university stage. The university invites senior artists to attend final performances and discover students’ talents, whether singing or acting.

Characteristics of Istanbul Commercial University

Istanbul Commercial University is distinguished not only because of its internationally accredited degrees, but also because it creates an effective educational environment by having all the capabilities that help students study and train on and off campus.

  • The university has a psychological support center for students to help them adapt in a different environment and how to communicate effectively, both inside and outside the university
  • The university has health centers that provide complete health care for students and medical services at the highest level through laboratories equipped with the latest equipment, emergency rooms and a medical team consisting of doctors and nurses.
  • It includes more than 15 centers for research and applications for various environmental, economic, scientific, engineering, social and human sciences and other purposes.
  • It has a number of sports courts for basketball, tennis and swimming pools to help students create a healthy daily sports routine
  • Istanbul Commercial University provides various restaurants and cafes to save students time and effort to take a break and eat inside the university instead of going out to search for restaurants

More than 3 swimming pool clubs, a student social association.

Istanbul Commercial University has many agreements with local and international universities to benefit from the exchange of experiences and students. It also aims to prepare students with global ethical values who have the ability to adapt to scientific and technological development.

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One of the entrances to Istanbul Commercial University

One of the buildings of Istanbul Commercial University
One of the roads of Istanbul Commercial University
One of the sections of the educational library at Istanbul Commercial University
One of the halls in Istanbul Commercial University
One of the entertainment points in Istanbul Commercial University
One of the corridors of Istanbul Commercial University
A picture of the building from the inside
One of the gathering points at Istanbul Commercial University
One of the corridors of Istanbul Commercial University
One of the graduation photos of Istanbul Commercial University students

Prices for Studying in Istanbul Ticaret university

Department Faculty Degree  Annual Fees 
Engineering Mechatronics  Bachelor 4,000 $ 
Engineering COMPUTER  Bachelor 4,000 $ 
Engineering INDUSTRIAL Bachelor 4,000 $ 
Engineering ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC Bachelor 4,000 $ 
Engineering ARCHITECTURE Bachelor 4,000 $ 
Business Administration  finance Bachelor 4,000 $ 
Business Administration BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Bachelor 4,000 $ 
Business Administration International relations & political science Bachelor 4,000 $ 
Business Administration ECONOMICS Bachelor 4,000 $ 
Business Administration LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT Bachelor 4,000 $ 

Opinions of applicants Istanbul Ticaret university

A beautiful and advanced university that I recommend
Alaa Ahmed
My opinion about the university in a simple way is that it has a future and is really developed. I also liked the treatment of the doctors and getting to know the Turkish students
Mohammed Khalid
I recommend it
Dina Khaled
Medical equipment engineering
Istanbul Ticaret university

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