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Ted university

About Ted university


TED University was established in 2009 in the Kölj area near Kizilay in the city center of Ankara by the Turkish Education Foundation (TED), which has experience and leadership in the field of education development in Turkey since 1928. The goal of establishing TED University is to encourage students to be creative, critical thinkers, and trust By self to achieve successes in practical life and public life.

TED University is one of the best Turkish universities and has a distinguished international academic ranking. The university includes five faculties:

  • architecture
  • arts
  • science
  • economy
  • administrative sciences

It offers about 21 undergraduate programs. In addition to a number of postgraduate institutes and a school for preparing Turkish and English languages.

Vision of TED University

To provide the best educational experience for its students and to maintain its position as one of the leading private universities in Turkey.

University mission

TED University carries the mission of encouraging students and graduates to become self-confident and creative intellectuals, by using innovative teaching methods and approaches that are compatible with modern international standards. TED University is also working to continuously develop curricula and teaching methods and contribute to various sciences by generating new knowledge through a wide range of scientific research and creative efforts in various fields.

Advantages of studying at TED University

  • TED University provides a high-quality educational experience focused on student development, through cutting-edge academic coursework and meaningful research activities
  • The university aims to build a diverse community of educated and scientifically minded professionals in various fields
  • The official language of study at the university is English
    It has a large library that includes a large collection of books, e-books, print and electronic magazines, and an interactive database
  • The university is a member of the Erasmus student exchange organization, where students can get an opportunity for education and training during a semester or an academic year in universities that are members of the Erasmus organization.
  • It has a state-of-the-art internal and external structure equipped with the most efficient and effective technological technologies, which makes the university of high academic quality.
  • Health care services: Students can benefit from the health care center located on campus and get free examination and first aid. In urgent cases, immediate treatment takes place in the health care center. If necessary, transportation to the hospital is provided


TED University is interested in supporting scientific research through:

  • Providing financial support for individual research expenses for faculty members and financing innovative ideas to reach scientific, technological or social results.
  • Encouraging students to carry out scientific research activities in various disciplines
  • Encouraging scientific publishing activities, as the authors of articles, books and scientific studies are rewarded through the academic publishing award

Student activities

TED University provides many student activities aimed at developing students’ skills in organization, communication and teamwork, and contributing to their cultural, artistic and personal development. The university includes many student societies that carry out effective activities in various fields, and examples of these societies are:

  • Arts and culture community
  • sports community
  • Architecture and Design Community
  • Science and technology community
  • The international student community

In addition to recreational activities, concerts, theatrical performances and art exhibitions organized by student societies in cooperation with the university administration on campus. Students can also use the swimming pool and fitness center on campus during the week and weekend without any restrictions.

Picture of Ted university


Campus at TED University

One of the buildings of TED University
One of the roads inside the university campus
One of the university's photos from inside the campus
One of the scientific laboratories
One of the student halls of TED University
one of the gathering points
Athletic Club at TED University
Basketball club at TED University
one of the gathering points
A photo of the graduate students

Prices for Studying in Ted university

Department Faculty Degree  Annual Fees 
Engineering INDUSTRIAL Bachelor 9,000 $ 
Engineering Mechanical Bachelor 9,000 $ 
Engineering ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC Bachelor 9,000 $ 
Engineering Industrial design  Bachelor 9,000 $ 
Engineering Interior architecture Bachelor 9,000 $ 
Engineering ARCHITECTURE Bachelor 9,000 $ 
Engineering Civil Bachelor 6,312 $ 
Business Administration ECONOMICS Bachelor 9,000 $ 
English English Litrature Bachelor 9,000 $ 

Opinions of applicants Ted university

A beautiful and advanced university that I recommend
Alaa Ahmed
My opinion about the university in a simple way is that it has a future and is really developed. I also liked the treatment of the doctors and getting to know the Turkish students
Mohammed Khalid
I recommend it
Dina Khaled
Medical equipment engineering
Ted university

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