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University of Kyrenia

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University of Kyrenia

Founded in 2013, the University of Kyrenia is the first university in Northern Cyprus specializing in marine studies in Kyrenia, one of the most beautiful and historical cities in Turkish Northern Cyprus.

The university is located in the city of Kyrenia Gerna (Northern Cyprus) on the sea coast. It was established in 1978-2013. It covers

Exceptional majors such as marine navigation, aviation, etc. It is a university affiliated with the Near East University

The university was established from the Near East University which houses the first Faculty of Maritime Studies in Cyprus since 1978. This has become a major breakthrough in expertise in the field of Maritime Studies.

The university has full control over the Colleges of Maritime Studies; Maritime administration and management, marine science and responsibility for the postgraduate program Maritime transport and management and all programs of maritime vocational schools.

Why Kyrenia University

The University of Kyrenia took full control of the faculties of maritime studies; Maritime administration and management, marine science.

Kyrenia University Flight Training Organization (FTO) Vocational training program with theoretical flight training.

The university provides funding to attend scientific conferences and meetings, and helps its staff to publish in prestigious scientific journals in order to promote academic development.

Advantages of Kyrenia University:

  • A special 50% discount on university fees for international students
  • The initial admission is free of charge
  • TOEFL or IELTS certificate is not compulsory, as there is an English placement test
  • Study in English
  • The quiet European and tourist climate of Turkish Cyprus, which helps the student to focus on his studies only
  • Hiking and enjoying nature and sightseeing holidays
  • Exceptional majors such as Maritime Navigation, College of Aeronautics, and Aeronautical Engineering

Kyrenia University in numbers

  • Number of students: 3000
  • Number of Faculties: 14
  • Majors: 35
  • Institutes: 9
  • Postgraduate studies: 2
  • Local ranking: 6
  • International ranking: 9358

International and local recognition

  • Higher Education Planning, Evaluation Accreditation and Coordination Council
  •  (YODAK)
  • Turkey’s Council of Higher Education (YOK)
  • International Maritime Organization (IMO)
  • Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication of the Republic of Turkey
  • Turkish Civilian Aviation Authority
  • Directorate of General Civilian Aviation (DGCA)

Mission and vision

To be a leading and respected educational and research institution that makes a difference in its quality and provides interdisciplinary training with a student-centered and engaging curriculum that respects diversity and educates critical and creative researchers who are research-focused and who are knowledgeable and value-conscious and value ethical values with a sense of social responsibility.

For all majors, the following amounts are paid:

1 – 105 Euro registration fee to be paid only once upon registration

2 – 250 Euro student activities paid each academic year

3- An amount of 5% tax on basic expenses

For the Faculty of Civil Aviation, in addition to the basic expenses, an amount of 11,500 Euro is paid every year

On practical training with a total of 46,000 Euro over the 4 academic years

The Royal Group team provides the following benefits to students:

  1. Speed and guarantee of university admission
  2. Receiving the student from the airport for free
  3. Providing the student with a Turkish mobile number upon arrival for free
  4. Hosting the student in the university residence for 3 days for free
  5. Helping students find housing inside or outside the university at reasonable prices
  6. Assisting the student in all procedures such as (residence, opening a bank account, obtaining a driver’s license, etc.)
  7. We extract an initial admission for the student with a certificate for the first semester to guarantee a seat and a scholarship
  8. We offer all our services and advantages to students for free and without costs at all.
  9. And many countless advantages that make it easier for the student to do a lot of things

Why do you apply through Royal Group:

  • We are an official agent and responsible for applying to Arab students. We provide you with all the information that the student needs, with full transparency
  • We also offer all our free services to students and work to follow the student step by step and to guide and guide him in the right way from the beginning of the application until receiving the student and completing his registration procedures with us at the university.

Picture of University of Kyrenia


One of the planes at the university

One of the graduation parties
One of the graduation parties
One of the planes at the university
Navigation and teaching devices
One of the educational halls
One of the educational halls
One of the educational halls
One of the university ships

Prices for Studying in University of Kyrenia

Department Faculty Annual Fees  Discounted fees
Engineering AERONAUTICAL 3,875 Euro  
Engineering Civil 3,200 Euro  
Engineering COMPUTER  3,200 Euro  
Engineering SOFTWARE 3,200 Euro  
Engineering Mechanical 3,200 Euro  
Engineering ARCHITECTURE 3,200 Euro  
Business Administration BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 3,200 Euro  
Business Administration Banking and Finance 3,200 Euro  
Business Administration LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT 3,200 Euro  
Pharmacy  Pharmacy 4,300 Euro 3,172 Euro
Medicine Medicine 13,600 Euro 6,300 Euro
Dentistry Dentistry 11,600 Euro 5,800 Euro

Opinions of applicants University of Kyrenia

A beautiful and advanced university that I recommend
Alaa Ahmed
Aviation Engineering
My opinion about the university in a simple way is that it has a future and is really developed. I also liked the treatment of the doctors and getting to know the Turkish students
Mohammed Abdul Qader
Air navigation
I recommend it is very beautiful
Dina Khaled
Flight management
University of Kyrenia

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