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Yeni Yüzyıl Üniversitesi

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About Yeni Yuzel University:

Yeni Yuzel Endowment University was established in 2009 in Turkey in Istanbul by the Education and Health Foundation. The university aims to become a higher educational institution and a center of excellence and reforms aimed at educating young people and creating a high learning environment that will bring the country above the level of civilization in addition to creating a positive difference in the quality of Life in Turkey in addition to cooperation with the private sector, government institutions and non-governmental organizations through its experienced academic staff.

Why Yeni Yuzel University?

Istanbul Yeni Yuzel University is a constituent university established by the Vatan Health and Education Foundation (VASEV). Vatan Health and Education Corporation is a reputable structure with great strength behind it.

Since its establishment in 1974, its development and services have been growing on a larger scale. It is famous for the Vatan Hospitals, the Italian Hospital and the German Hospital, which are prominent milestones in the history of Turkish private health services, and the Universal Health Group of Yeni Yuzel University, which is important for showing certainty in health services.

The vision of Istanbul Yeni Yuzel University Faculty of Medicine. To provide education with the latest knowledge and the most advanced medical technology at the national level, to be the brand with the quality of health service that will be provided to the community and individuals, to reach the most qualified level among the leading medical colleges at the level of national and international platforms of reference

The Faculty of Pharmacy at Istanbul Yeni Yuzel University began education in the 2010-2011 academic year with the opening of the university. Besides the theoretical and practical undergraduate programme, the college offers postgraduate degrees. The faculty performs this function through its innovative, constructive and dynamic teaching staff with international experience connected to the main departments.

The College of Dentistry aims to train dentists who are equipped with the latest theoretical and practical knowledge, who practice the best oral and dental treatment, who respect the health of society, give importance to ethical behavior, have the highest level of knowledge and clinical experience, and take into account scientific developments and adapt to technology.

Advantages of Yeni Yuzel University

  • Dentistry Hospital and Faculty of Human Medicine located in the Bayoglu region is the second campus of the university and a training center for students of medical specialties at Yeni Yuzel University.
  • Yeni Yuzel University is distinguished in medical specialties, as it contains 23 medical specializations in the university.
  • The university seeks to support youth cultures and attract scholars and aims to be a prestigious scientific institution and a center for academic perfection.
  • The university provides the Erasmus international student exchange program in 46 European countries due to its policies that include openness and has a distinguished teaching staff of various nationalities. It has exchange relations with many universities around the world.

Yeni Yuzel University in numbers:

  • Local ranking: 136
  • International ranking: 7235
  • Number of students: 8000 students
  • Number of colleges: 10 colleges

Mission and vision:

Istanbul Yeni Yuzel University’s goal is to become a global reference in education as well as in health services with its affiliated institutions.

Istanbul Yeni Yuzel University was launched with the aim of developing graduates who are knowledgeable, contemporary, well-equipped, experienced and useful to society. It aims to give society what it receives from society. Our university aims to be the center of excellence. It also shows itself in the perspective of the university.

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A picture of the university campus from the inside

One of the pictures of the buildings of Yeni Yuzel University
Campus of Yeni Yuzel University
One of the university's photos from the inside
One of the student halls of Yeni Yuzel University
One of the gathering points at Yeni Yuzel University
One of the sports departments at Yeni Yuzel University
One of the sections of the educational library
One of the meetings at Yeni Yuzel University
One of the sports departments at Yeni Yuzel University
A photo of the graduate students

Prices for Studying in Yeni Yüzyıl Üniversitesi

Department Faculty Degree  Annual Fees 
English  Interpretation Bachelor 4,000 $ 
English  English Litrature Bachelor 4,000 $ 

Opinions of applicants Yeni Yüzyıl Üniversitesi

A beautiful and advanced university that I recommend
Alaa Ahmed
My opinion about the university in a simple way is that it has a future and is really developed. I also liked the treatment of the doctors and getting to know the Turkish students
Mohammed Khalid
I recommend it
Dina Khaled
Medical equipment engineering
Yeni Yüzyıl Üniversitesi

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